About US

East Moving has been providing families and corporations with quality moving services for years! With our state of the art trucks and equipment, our highly
trained professional employees East Moving provide quality
moving service with a family atmosphere.

We believe here at East Moving, that moving should not be a source of stress but a comfortable transition with trained professionals making sure that every aspect of your move goes smoothly and even becomes a pleasurable experience. With East Moving your moving experience will make you a satisfied customer and  a part of the East Moving family.

You are taking a big step, and East Movers Long Distance Moving are the Miami movers here that will make this an exciting, stress-free experience.  Our professionals will provide all your long distance moving needs.  From carefully packing and storing, to moving and unpacking your belongings, our long distance moving customers’ interests are our number one priority.

Your time and convenience in the long distance moving process are our main concern AND by providing long distance moving services to a high volume of customers, we are the Miami moving company that can offer you great discounts.

Long distance moving means more than 100 miles  from your starting point to your new home.  Rates for long distance moving are regulated by the Federal Highway Administration. Long Distance moving companies usually add on additional fees to this rate to make a profit. We are the Miami movers that help you by making sure that the long distance moving rate you receive is as low as possible and ALREADY includes all traveling charges.

East Movers Long Distance Moving are the Miami movers that provide you all the information you for your peace of mind.  When considering hiring a long distance moving company, there are many factors you must consider.  Our seasoned professionals at East Movers Miami Moving Company are trained with every detail of the long distance moving process.

Long-Distance Moving Services provides all our moving customers with: